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What to put in dating app bio

What to put in dating app bio

TINDER BIO FOR MEN : How to write a Tinder Bio (2018)

So what do you put on your dating app bio if you want a relationship? I co-host a bio about datingand our listeners write in about dating qualms, bad date stories, and more. With every email about anxious overthinking, blatant ghosting, or a situationship troubles, there seems to be one piece of advice that applies to all situations: make sure you communicate what you want.

Or what I like to call, "Say it, don't spray it. If there's one piece of relationship advice I could go back and give my recently graduated, year-old self, it would be to ask for what I want.

This is why I don't think it's a bad idea to make it clear from the get-go that you're not looking for a casual hookup on your dating app bio. However, I have to admit that when I read a profile that says "Serious relationships only," I feel a weird pressure to not disappoint a stranger who I haven't even been on one date with — eek! My general philosophy when it comes to online dating is to take it one date at a time, and to try not to expect to find the love of your life on a first date.

Putting pressure on yourself to have a sixth sense for knowing what a person will be like in person after messaging them on an app for a while is all too much, what bound to lead to disappointment.

Three: Don't list the personality traits you want. You may think you're a pro when it comes to online dating and your dating apps, but I think there's always more to be learned. For instance. These 5 short bio examples are perfect for apps like Bumble, or the “Self and putting effort into your dating profile shows you're serious about meeting.

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