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Zing dating app

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With plans to make a big splash in the online dating industry, the New York-based ZiNG creators just announced the release of the dating app, ZiNG, which looks to appeal to any and all adults interested in meeting someone new to connect with.

With ZiNG, zing dating app singles can find the perfect date to best suit what they might be looking for in a match. Everyone has their own specific dating profile, and it can be difficult to find a platform that will cater to different interests. However, ZiNG was created to be one of the best dating apps that can appeal to a broad variety of profiles for all adult singles, and it is this user-friendly focus that is changing the world of online dating.

Additionally, ZiNG users can now utilize their Facebook photos to customize their dating profiles, as they can easily import photos from Facebook, making it easier to connect with the world of social media. ZiNG is not just a dating app, but an opportunity for adult singles to meet someone unforgettable, and this newly released product looks to transform the industry that it is entering, making dating easier and more user-based.

ZiNG is compatible with iPhone and iPad platforms, and users must be at least 17 years of age to download.

“ZiNG” is a new revolutionary dating app for iPhone and iPad! Are you looking for a serious or casual date, or do you simply want to spend a romantic evening? Are you looking for a serious or casual date, or do you simply want to spend a romantic evening? ZING is the best app for your needs!Do you.

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